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Custom Fabricated Products


Float modular homes or RVs on a thin film of air effortlessly across your production floor. No need for powered pushers or tow motors because two people can safely push by hand. No need for tracks or angle iron on the floor. Safely move your unit in any direction with ease.

Recreational Vehicle / Motor Home Dollies

We can work with your production engineers to design a dolly that is specific to your specific motor home or RV. Our team has extensive experience working with class A, class B, and class C motor homes. Whether you have existing angle iron track in your facility or use polyurethane tread wheels on concrete, we have the knowledge and the capacity to make sure the job is done right and keep you’re your production line moving efficiently and safely.

Fifth Wheel and Towable RVs

We have also developed and work with many manufacturers to provide many dolly solutions for fifth wheel RVs and Towable RVs. Do you need a low profile wheel with high capacity? Do you need a caster or wheel that pushes easier? Do you need a wheel that is more resistant to floor debris like screws and metal scrap? We can help you.

Modular Housing Production Solutions

Whether you would like to use air bearings or polyurethane tread casters on bolt on dollies, or custom steel wheels to run on track, we can help you make the right choice.

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