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Sleep&Store™ Installation Instructions

Cass Hudson’s Sleep&Store™ (U.S. Pat. No. 10683961)

Installation Instructions and Checklist

Each bed assembly should include a left side and ride side “kit”.  The left side kit consists of OEM part numbers: BDSA-2507-01, BDPT-2502-01, and BDSA-2508-01. The right side kit consists of OEM part numbers: BDSA-2506-01, BDPT-2506-01, and BDSA-2509-01. Both sides include the universal PN: BDPT-2499-01 (2x) and ML24-60 (4x) struts. See figure 1 for parts list.

Figure 1. Parts List Diagram

The Sleep N’ Store system can be placed anywhere in an RV as long as it is installed square and has adequate height from the ceiling to allow the bed to roll up and rest on the upper shelf brackets (BDPT-2499-01) Refer to figure 2 for referencing critical  points of squaring up frame. Refer to figure 3 for height minimums based on mattress thickness. (Figure 3 Diagram based on 60” frame, longer frames may change height requirements). It is important to make sure that both sides are square at all ends. Failure to square up the system will result in poor operation and may damage the product. It is also important to properly secure the system to backers.


Figure 2. Verify points are square

 Figure 3. Installation height chart




  1. Once you’ve chosen a mounting location and verified proper backer support. Install both bottom shelf brackets (BDSA-2508 & 2509) making sure they are the same height and square.
  2. Next install the vertical columns (BDPT-2502 & 2503) making sure that they create a 90 degree angle from the bottom shelf brackets. Also check that they are the same distance from the rear of the trailer and properly square to each other and the bottom shelf.
  3. Locate the wheel on the bed frame (BDSA-2506 & 2507) and slide it into the top of the vertical column and down the column channel while keeping the other end of the bed-rail raised in up position as seen in Figure 3. Once the wheel is at the bottom of the column channel, lower the other end of the frame until the bed frame is resting on the rubber bumpers. Repeat these steps on the other wall.
  4. With both wheels in the channel of their vertical columns and the bed frames resting on the bumpers of their bottom shelf bracket, you can now install the bed frame into the bed rails. Bed frames should be 4.5” (2.25” per side) shorter than the total width of the gap when measured wall to wall. For example, inside trailer width wall-to-wall is 96”, bed frame should be 91.50” long. Bed frame needs to be square before installing. The bed-rails have built in spacers to properly space the rails to the bed frame. Make sure the rails are as close to the frame as possible, this will help keep the rails square with the frame. Slide frame all the way into bed-rails until it butts up to the end stops located at one end of the bed-rails nearest the vertical column.
  5. Secure rails to bed frame at the end stop and on either end of the bottom of the bed rails, repeat steps on both bed rails. See figure 4 for screw mounting locations:

Figure 4. Screw Mounting Location

  1. With help, lift up on the end of the bed furthest away from the columns. While the far side is up install the back struts into the back strut ball studs located on the bed-rail and bottom shelf bracket, install struts on both sides. (note, struts are installed skinny side down) 

  1. With help, carefully lift up the other end (Note: The bed-rail wheels should be sliding up through the vertical column) and with both ends of the bed-rails up and parallel to the bottom shelf bracket, install the second set of struts on both sides. The bed frame should now be able to stay up on its own. With the bed in the up position, install screws along the bottom of the bed-rails into the bed frame. (use mounting holes provided in bed-rail)


  1. With the bed in the up position you can now set the hanger shelf bracket. Install bracket directly under the bed-rail at the opposite edge from the vertical column. Make sure hanger shelf bracket is installed to a backer support with proper fasteners. 

  1. Travel and Storing; during travel or when storing, bed must be stored in up position and lock pin must be engaged to keep bed from shifting during travel.



Installation Review Checklist

  • Verify you have all parts required to finish job.
  • Verify mounted height will work with mattress & frame size.
  • Verify unit is square.
  • Verify bed frame is square.
  • Verify all screw points have been used to fasten the bed-rail to the bed frame.
  • Verify lock pin is set before travel

If there are any noticeable defects or missing parts with the Cass Hudson Sleep N’ Store system please call: Cass Hudson Co. at 574-970-2100