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Sleep&Store Operating Instructions

Cass Hudson’s Sleep&Store

Operating Instructions


The Sleep&Store™ (U.S. Pat. No. 10683961)  bed system stows in the “up” position and should be locked in place with the provided tethered lock pins when not in use and while traveling. The lock pins are located at the top of each vertical column. The lock pin holes are located on the sides of the vertical column just below where the bed rests in the upper position. Make sure the lock pins engage fully through the vertical column on both sides for proper locking in the stowed position. *Do not let anyone under the bed frame while bed is being lowered!


  1. With the lock pins disengaged and starting on the vertical column side first, pull the bed down from the center most point until that side rests on the rubber bumpers.
  2. Go to the opposite side of the bed that is still up and pull down from the center most point of the bed frame until the whole bed is resting on the bumper rails. ***Do not rest anything on bumper rail shelves and keep hands away from shelves while bed is being lowered!
  3. To put the bed back in the upper position, reverse steps
    1. On the side furthest from vertical column, push up on bed frame, pushing up on the center of the frame. Allow side to go completely in the up position before raising the opposite side.
    2. Once the furthest side is completely up, raise the vertical column side by pushing up on the middle of the bed frame edge until the bed is completely raised.
  4. Make sure to lock the bed with the provided lock pins when storing or traveling.