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4" x 2" Economy Swivel Caster with Phenolic Wheel

SKU CE-TM-04201S
These casters are designed for a range of medium-duty applications and are built with a high capacity 4" x 2" phenolic wheel. They feature an 800 pound load capacity, a swivel radius of 3-3/8", an overall height of 5-5/8", a top plate size of 4" x 4-1/2", and can be mounted with 3/8" bolts. 1/4" steel caster leg construction ensures that these casters will provide reliable and economical long-term performance in your application.
Popular uses include; shop carts and containers, platform and lumber carts, trucks, dollies, racks & equipment for almost every industry including industrial, warehousing, hospitality, institutional, food service, food processing, retail displays, and endless other applications. 

Caster Rig Features:

• 1/4" steel caster leg construction.
• 5/8” permanent rivet kingpin. 
• Double ball raceways for smooth swiveling action.
• RoHS compliant industrial zinc plated finish is attractive & corrosion resistant. 
• 1/2" hollow axle with grease zerk and lock nut for effortless maintenance.

Phenolic Wheel Features: 

• Excellent impact strength.
• High load capacity.
• Hard tread, rolls easily.
• Abrasion-resistant.
• Durometer: 90 Shore D
    Bolt-Hole Pattern 2-5/8" x 3-5/8" slotted to 3" x 3"
    Caster Capacity 800 lbs.
    Caster Type Swivel
    Fastener Top Plate
    Fastening Bolt Size 3/8"
    Overall Height 5-5/8"
    Top Plate Size 4" x 4-1/2"
    Tread Width 2"
    Wheel Diameter 4"
    Wheel Material Phenolic